Fencing Parties

Fencing Parties

Fancy yourself a buccaneer? Try your skill with the sword at our fencing party. Learn how to move like a fencer, basic fighting techniques, etiquette and the rules of fencing. Then test your skills in some proper fencing bouts!


Mini-fence: 6-7 years (max. 12)
Plastic fencing kit

Standard Party: 8+ years (max. 20)
Metal kit

Historical Fencing: 18+ years (max 10)

What do I wear?

All fencers must wear long tracksuit trousers and trainers or indoor sports shoes.

Alternative Venue

If you have a preferred venue for fencing, we may be able to arrange it for an additional fee, depending on the cost of the venue hire and the location.

Book for Sale

‘Foil Fencing’ by Roy Stocks, coach and founder of Sway Fencing Club. A comprehensive manual for the beginning and advanced foil fencer.